Solzi Ingranaggi’s quality policy defines our company strategy and goal, and is our means to pursue a continuous improvement towards customer satisfaction.

Our management’s commitment to flexibility, dynamism, quality of products and services, fosters continuous company growth. Solzi Ingranaggi has implemented cutting-edge production processes, which are supervised by division managers who strictly operate according to our internal ethical and conduct guidelines as well as to ISO 9001:2015.

The desire for continuous improvement is not a matter of conceit, but a strong incentive to ameliorate and stick to set goals.
The Quality Manager collaborates with the company management to control, promote and make known the results of the company activities, in order to cultivate workforce training and personal involvement to reach desired targets.

Solzi Ingranaggi’s quality policy is one of the means our company operates through, and it is always available to the whole work staff or to whoever interested in knowing how our company works.

Solzi Ingranaggi has always believed and invested in “Quality”. This does not only refer to the dimensional control of manufactured parts, but also to a series of services as well as the after-sales activities that our company offers.

Customer loyalty over the years and customer satisfaction for our products and services have helped us grow with our clients and enabled us to become an ideal production partner.

Our company has implemented a number of activities to monitor, control and trace our products.
A series of quality control checks are carried out on each new job: starting from the inspection of the incoming half-finished products and production random checks to the final product control before it is delivered to customers. This series of controls, which are carried out monthly and recorded in the management review, allow the company to monitor the state of its production capacities.

We are a dynamic company continuously evolving, which is actually certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.